Jim Paredes for Senator

Saturday, October 3, 2009

We all know Jim Paredes to be an idealistic person. You'd see him joining political rallies, street protests, and worthy causes. In the 80's, after Ninoy Aquino's death, he's among the first of the few courageous artists to join the Cory movement to restore democracy in the country.

In his blog, he wrote:

The death of Ninoy had a profound effect on me... From small tentative steps APO have taken after Ninoy’s death, we became emboldened artists who took up the cause of ending the dictatorship and promoting democracy in the way we knew best--through songs and humor.

You'd also see him form or join movements with worthy missions. He lead other like-minded artists in forming Artists Revolution with the belief that Filipino artists can do a lot to change the despairing socio-political conditions of the country. He said, Pinoy artists have always displayed courage and made significant contributions to advancing the noble ideals of freedom, justice, and pursuit of truth. Time and again, the Pinoy artists have staked their lives and used their talents to recover our national pride in the seemingly endless periods of darkness and adversity.

Jim even joined EDSA 2, which I didn't support because of my belief that it would weaken the democratic institutions that was put up by Cory Aquino's administration and strengthened by her successors. And when it became apparent that EDSA 2 was a failure, he is again active in advancing the spirit of expressing outrage against evil and corruption as well as inspiring the spirit of vigilance for truth and justice, reform and good governance.

Cory's death has reawakened Jim's idealism. He now vows tohelp get this country back on the road to fulfilling its manifest destiny of greatness.

In his article on Ways to Commemorate Ninoy’s Death Anniversary, he wrote:

I thank God that I have not been called to die for our country since EDSA 1, although there have been moments I think I probably would, should the need arise... It would be the greatest tragedy to let this second shot at national redemption go to waste by not doing what needs to be done. Let us all be part of an awakened citizenry that will transform this nation in the peaceful but determined way that Ninoy and Cory showed us.
It is this writer's ardent hope that Mr. Jim Paredes takes the next step towards his destiny of becoming one of our country's inspiring leaders by running for an elective position in the government. Reading from his tweets and articles he has written, I think he is not keen on taking this step. But maybe he'll be convinced if there are enough people who'd urge him.

Let us put Jim in the Senatorial slate of Noynoy Aquino in the May 2010 elections. We need leaders who are morally upright, intelligent, creative, and fearless to help us in our pursuit of a better society.

Jim Paredes for Senator! What's your take on this?

(Disclaimer: Mr. Jim Paredes doesn't know me personally so he has no knowledge about this effort. I just hope that I could help convince him to run for an elective position as I've been following his political activities since the early 80's)